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A CloudFest Hackathon Project

Inclusive Language Checker Plugin

The “Inclusive Language Checker for Open-Source Contributors” project has started at the CloudFest Hackathon in 2024 and resulted an innovative WordPress plugin designed to enhance the inclusivity and accessibility of digital content.

By identifying potentially exclusive or insensitive language and suggesting more inclusive alternatives, this tool aims to make the open-source community more welcoming and understandable for a global audience.

Key Features


Content Review

Offers real-time feedback on language use within the WordPress Block Editor, highlighting areas for improvement.

Empowers Creators

Equips content creators with the tools to produce more inclusive and accessible content, fostering a welcoming environment for all users.

Inclusive Suggestions

Provides alternative phrases to ensure content is accessible and resonates with everyone, including non-native English speakers and individuals with disabilities.

Enhances Understanding

Helps break down language barriers, ensuring content is clearer and more relatable to diverse audiences.

Collaborative Development

Built on open-source principles, allowing for community contributions and enhancements through GitHub.

Promotes Best Practices

Encourages the adoption of inclusive language across the open-source ecosystem, setting a standard for digital communication.

Getting Involved

Code and No-Code Contributions are welcome

This project thrives on community collaboration. Whether you’re interested in contributing to the development of the plugin, providing feedback on its functionality, or advocating for its adoption, your involvement is invaluable.

Explore our Wiki on GitHub to learn more about the plugin’s features (MVP), access comprehensive documentation, and understand how you can support this initiative to make open-source content more inclusive and accessible.

Join the conversation and participate in the decision-making process by attending our regular DEIB meetings held on the #deib-working-group Slack channel.

Together, we can make a difference.