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Championing Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging (“DEIBDEIB Acronyme for Diversity, Equity, Inlusion and Belonging”) in the WordPress Community

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Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging (DEIB) are fundamental principles that can be applied to any community, including the WordPress community.

Here’s how these principles can be applied:


Diversity refers to the representation of different identities and perspectives in a group. In the WordPress community, this could mean encouraging participation from people of different races, ethnicities, genders, ages, religions, disabilities, and sexual orientations.
It could also mean valuing diversity in skill levels and roles, from beginners to advanced users, and from developers to designers, writers, and more.


Equity involves ensuring fair treatment, access, opportunity, and advancement for all people, while at the same time striving to identify and eliminate barriers that have prevented the full participation of some groups.
In the WordPress community, this could mean making sure that resources and opportunities (like speaking at WordCamps, contributing to core, etc.) are accessible to all, regardless of their background or circumstances.


Inclusion is about making sure that everyone feels welcome and valued. In the WordPress community, this could mean creating a culture where everyone’s ideas are heard and valued, and where everyone can contribute and participate fully.
This could involve things like having codes of conduct for events and online spaces, and making sure that community events are accessible and welcoming to all.


Belonging is about creating an environment where people feel emotionally and psychologically safe. In the WordPress community, this could mean fostering a sense of community and camaraderie, where people feel like they are part of something bigger than themselves.
This could involve things like mentorship programs, social events, and recognition for contributions.

Our Mission

We’re committed to building a diverse, inclusive, equitable, and welcoming WordPress community. We believe in empowering every individual by celebrating our differences, ensuring fair treatment for all, creating a sense of belonging, and cultivating an environment where everyone can thrive.

Our Objectives

  • Increasing Representation
  • Fostering Inclusivity
  • Ensuring Equal Access to Opportunities
  • Promoting Effective Collaboration
  • Implementing Continuous Improvement
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