Get Involved

At WordPress DEIBDEIB Acronyme for Diversity, Equity, Inlusion and Belonging, we believe that diversity and inclusion are collaborative efforts. Whether you’re new to WordPress or have been here for years, there are numerous ways you can contribute to our cause.

Join DEIB Discussion and Meetings

Join the conversation and participate in the decision-making process by attending our regular DEIB meetings held on the #deib-working-group Slack channel.

Dates and times of the meetings will be announced on this website, so stay tuned!

We highly value community feedback. Feel free to share your thoughts and experiences regarding our initiatives and efforts.

Your insights will guide us in making the WordPress community more inclusive and equitable.

Leave your comments on the #deib-working-group Slack channel or reach us via our Contact Us page.

Provide Feedback

Attend Workshops

Participate in our workshops and training programs designed to promote diversity and inclusion.

From enhancing your understanding of DEIB principles to learning how to host inclusive events, our workshops offer a wealth of knowledge for all.

Keep an eye on our Events page for upcoming programs.

Help us spread the word about DEIB, prepare for events, conduct workshops, and more by becoming a volunteer.

Whether you can contribute an hour a week or a few hours a month, your time and skills can make a significant difference.

Become a Volunteer

Contribute to DEIB Resources

Help us develop and enrich our DEIB resources. Whether it’s writing a blog post, contributing to our guides, or sharing relevant resources, your contributions can help educate and inspire others.

Visit our Resources page to see how you can contribute.

Promote DEIB principles in your local WordPress community.

Whether it’s through hosting inclusive events, amplifying diverse voices, or implementing equitable practices, your actions can help foster a more inclusive environment.

Advocate for DEIB

Remember, every contribution, no matter how small, helps in building a more diverse, equitable, inclusive, and belonging WordPress community.

Get involved today!